Top 20 Tech Websites and Blogs for 2017


The best online sources to track the changes are “tech blogs” its all about latest technology news and news that are updated many times a day. So, We are here with the list of Top 20 best Tech Blogs or best  20 Tech Websites for the year 2017 which you should visit more often to get the latest updated stuff about the latest happening in tech world. In these mentioned visit technology blogs to get the latest gossips, news and events. Keep visiting blogs and get information about what’s happening in the world. Today I am here to help you out about best tech blogs so, lets start our discussion.
Some of the best tech blogs are mentioned below:


TechCrunch was founding in June 2005. This is a leading technology blog that reviews new Internet products and latest technology news. The overall structure of TechCrunch is very simple and easy which makes navigation a cake walk.
TechCrunch has about 2,444,946 facebook fans, 7,750,983 twitter followers and #511 Alexa global ranking.

2. Mashable:

Mashable covers everything that happens in social news space including latest tech news, gadgets reviews as well as science stuff and helpful guides to the Internet users. Mashable has 3,893,546 facebook fans, 7,849,597 twitter followers and #500 Alexa global ranking. It is a global company which is known for entertainment, lifestyles, IT tech news and buisness news. Different Mashable editions are Mashable Asia, Mashable Australia, Mashable India, Mashabla UK, Mashable with France 24 and Mashable Studios.

3. ZDNet:

ZDNet is another tech blog founding in 1991 by CBS Inyeractive Media with the help of Tech Republic and Smart planet. Znet was purchased in 2000 by CNET. It covers products reviews, software downloads, news and analysis on tech buisness and issues. This provides a solution to the professionals seeking to the research technology-related issues and solve buisness technology problems.

4. The Next Web:

The Next Web is a leading blog on the Internet which provides technology stuff on a daily basis. The Next Web is a great resource where you can get tech news and latest technology news. It is the best blog to educating the people about technology, culture and buisness. The Next Web has 902,564 facebook fans, 1,7 M twitter followers, #1,601 Alexa global ranking and ten millions page views per months. It also publish useful articles for upcoming gadgets.

5. Gizmodo:

Gizmodo is another leading source on the Internet which mostly covers technology related news, gadgets news and guides. Gizmodo is one the best online portal for gadgets lovers. It is a sister publication to Lifehacker which is another favourite. This blog was launched in 2002 by Peter Rojas.

6. Engadget:

Engadget is leading blog on Internet. It covers everything new in the field of gizmos. It covers a huge range of topics and provides the updates and blogs on a real time basis. The most important feature of this portal is product reviews and also have a lot of information about modern gaming applications.

7. Digital Trends:

Is one of the best technlogy blog. It include information about technology, Computer gaming and engaging lifestyle guides. It also covers stuff related to music, photography, motorization, etc. It sometimes writes about Apple news as well. Digital Trends has 883,532 facebook fans, 844,837 twitter follower and #895 Alexa global ranking. It helps the user/reader to understand how technology effects their way of living.

8. Wired:

Wired is the one of the most popular media on the Internet. It provides news related to the latest trends of technology. Moreover, it also provide useful guides related to latest or upcoming gadgets, buisness and entertainment. Wired has 2,200,997 facebook fans, 7,203,365 twitter followers and #936 Alexa global ranking.

9. The Verge:

The Verge is one of the best tech blog on Internet. It provides latest news from tech world, products reviews, entertainment shows etc. It has 2,503,469 facebook fans, 1,500,724 twitter followers and #511 Alexa global ranking.

10. tech2

tech2 mostly shares popular media on the Internet related to latest trends of technology. Publish helpful guides related to new gadgets such as TV, mobiles, tablets, laptops and gaming devices as well. You will surely get a lot of valueable knowledge related to new technology trends.

11. Droid-Life:

Droid-Life is another tech blog on Internet. Droid-Life has greatest Android community in the world. It provide you general news, feature apps and reviews phones. It provide the best way to learn about Android. Droid-Life has 233K followers on twitter.

12. Venture Beat:

Venture Beat is one of the best tech blog, founding in 2006. It is online platform which is engaged in technical publications. It covers latest technology trends ranging from social to mobile, health tech, cloud, online games and many more. The estimated visitors to the sites are 8 million and 18 million page views per month.

13. Business Insider:

Business Insider is a fast growing buisness site. It’s publications based on financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Business Insider has 2.11M twitter followers.

14. Techaeris:

The best tech blog founding in 2013. Techaeris blog covers all about technology, science, arts and photography. Techaeris offers unique stories, product reviews and information, latest news, etc. The main aim of Techaeris is to keep social interaction with user.

15. Ubergizmo:

Another best tech blog. Ubergizmo engaged in electronics publications. They talk from design to user interface and practicality as well. They also provide you details about pricing and competition. And the list helps you to decide what gadgets you need. Ubergizmo has 17.4K followers on twitter.

16. Slashgear:

Slashgear founding in 2005 is one of the best tech blog on Internet. It covers everything from cutting-edge tech gear to latest digital lifestyle trends. Slashgear has 46.1K followers on twitter.

17. Technorati:

Technorati is very popular tech blog in the world of Internet. It helps the bloggers and tech blogs owners to get more views on their websites. It provides a lot of quality guides and news. It covers guides related to android, apple, gadgets and much more.

18. TechRadar

TechRadar is another most popular tech blog on Internet. It provide technology related news and gadgets. The published guides are related to tablets, mobiles and laptops etc. If you are android lover then this site is for you because it provide you many information related to android.

19. Eurogamer:

One of the best blog founding in 1999 and has been covering video games ever since. It has 343K followers on twitter. If you are games lover then this site helps you a lot.

20. GigaOM:

GigaOM is OM malik’s creation which is now grown into best world wide web. It publish latest news about technology, social media, gaming and much more. Its main aim is to help buisness leaders.

I hope this write up help you to be acquainted with the top tech blogs that you should follow regularly.