Top 17 TV Apps for Android to live stream or to watch TV Shows [ August 2017]

top 17 tv apps for android


Do you want to see your favorite tv shows on to your mobile phone at any time that you want or also do you want to live stream the TV to watch some specific news,sports ,entertainment that you wants to watch at any cost at that time so don’t worry we will providing you your required Tv Apps that will fill your all needs .Previously phones were used to watch some entertainment videos,phone calls ,messages,emails,social networks but now they are also very effective and wanted in watching the Television.Although it sounds awkward as to watch TV on Phone but its true and there are many apps now available on the android stream from where you can select one of them and watch your favorite tv shows as well as live Tv streaming.Now let us show you the best Google Play Store Apps that are the best TV Apps.

Here is the list of Top 17 Tv Apps for Android devices. All these apps are updated for the August 2017 list. So you can download any one.


Here is the list of the top 17 TV Apps that you can  install for your android devices.You can directly go the Apps links by  clicking  the title of the Apps.


Youtube is the most renowned App that people think the only App for the videos in the world.Indeed it is the most detailed user friendly ,easy to use App and it also provide you the videos of all types like sports,news,entertainment everything that you want to watch.It  will provide you the option of Subscription which will mark your favorite channel and will notify you when something new uploaded from that channel.It also provide you to express your comments on the video and also you can like ,dislike the video.You can download ChromeCast enabled app such as Allcast and Megacast that will provide you all the content.You can do that from your phone or PC.You can also download Youtube Red which is ad free Youtube but you have to pay $9.99 Monthly for that.

top 17 android apps to watch live streaming and tv series


HBO is the free app which will provide you all the tv shows that are being Aired on HBO.It includes all the tv series.You can enjoy the free one month trial after that you will have to pay $14.99 monthly to watch all the stuff.

top 17 tv apps for android


Now this is something for the History lovers they can enjoy all the History Channel Tv Shows on this App.Its interface will also provide you a favorite  watchlist which will provide you your favorite content in it.You can Also watch the other content if you have supported TV provider.



This App has graphical user friendly interface that will provide you the features like watching videos,photos,podcasts,and also listening to music.

top 17 tv apps for android


This is the Android App that will allow you watch more then 200 Tv Channels in different languages and also you can mark your favorite Channel for the easy access.It interface is very user friendly.

top 17 tv apps for android


In this App you can watch all the shows that are airing on  NBC  station.You can also watch variety of Tv episodes on this app.You just need to enter a password and user name and name of the Tv provider.If you don’t have the name of the provider then after 7 days of the airing you can be able to watch the episode.If you want to use Chromecast to cast content from your smartphone or tablet to a tv then you can also do that.Contents will be classic.

top 17 tv apps for android


This App is for the fans of the ABC shows that are most popular in the world.This App is the best option for you if you would like to watch famous shows like DANCING WITH STARS,MODERN FAMILY,GRAYS ANATOMY AND JIMMY KIMMEL.Also you can watch classic like BODY OF PROOF,UGLY BETTY etc.You can also live streams the shows like Oscars and all other stuff like that.(this is available if TV providers allow).

top 17 tv apps for andriod


This TV App is best for the Asian Tv shows lovers and also those are interested in their novels.This App has shows that are translated over 150 languages .And also the original sound is also available along with the subtitles in many languages.This App specializes in oriental shows and movies.

top 17 tv apps for androids


On this App you can watch all the Tv shows aired on CBS just after the day they aired.It also consist of a playlist option in which you can save your favorite shows.It provides  you the schedule of the tv shows.You can enjoy the free App for a month and then pay $5.99 per month and enjoy all the shows and episodes and live streaming as well.You can also upgrade your app to the Ad less App to just $9.99 per month.

top 17 tv apps for android


Crackles original series are available on this app as well as the series of Sony are  also available on this app .This is a free app and you can watch all the stuff free .But it has Ads that can tease you while watching.

top 17 tv apps for android


This App is not available on the google play store but you can download this from the link given.just follow the procedure given in the link and enjoy the all free tv shows without any subscription charges.

top 17 tv apps for android


You will be  thinking that this is player? Yes this is a player but you can add your channel  list in this  by downloading the channel list in .xml file and import it into the app. After that you will be able to enjoy the respective Tv channel .You can also send data from phone to tv by wifi through this app,

top 17 tv apps for android


Mobdro is also not available on the Google Store but you can download app from the link above.It will provide you to access all videos that are sourced across the web.You can watch the content from all over the world like sports,news,entertainment  in different languages.You can also share the videos with your friends.

top 17 tv app for android


This app is free and it is the little kids those are fond of cartoon networks and i think it would be the best that you wanted for you little ones.on this App you can also watch the episodes that are not even aired yet.You can watch Gumball,Clarence,Powerpuff Girls can watch full length episodes without any login.With providing you TV provider info you can watch episodes with a key.

top 17 tv apps for android


This app will updated regularly to just give you all the content available regarding all tv series,tv shows their episodes ,you can watch them in HD(including subtitles).You need a descent internet connection and you will be all there.This app is free and worth visiting.

top 17 android app for android


It is the combo of the live tv and you tube.It will provide you all content specially sports related and you can also upload your own video through this app.Original Transmissions are also available in this.

top 17 android apps for android


You cannot watch tv series from this app but you can get all the information, encyclopedia from this app regarding all the tv shows that are being watched in this whole world.Every single data base of all tv shows and movies are present on this app.

top 17 tv apps for android


That’s all what we have from our side but its worth reading because after reading our blog now you are able to know that you have  a lot of option s to watch tv at everyplace where you can carry your smartphone.These are all the Best 17 apps for Live streaming TV on any Android device, which i had tried personally and i may say that the best experience from all these apps.Hope you will get more knowledge  from this blog.Enjoy 😉