Smartphone Required For Tesla’s Model 3, and No Key

"Smartphone needed to open the tesla mode 3 car"


Tesla being the first company to produce electric car and breaks the automotive legacy of traditional car making.They come up with the key less car no key required to open or start or for any function of the car,just you should have your smartphone with you that’s the necessity if you wanted to open your car.The Owner’s of the car should carry their smartphone to start or open the car.No need to put the keys in your pockets.

The idea of using the key less car is not new, previously many car company did so but the they need the Fob for the opening of the lock and then starting the car with same Fob by pressing  some button on it,Tesla deal in quite different way it require a smartphone app which is controlled by the Owner of the car by his smartphone.A Bluetooth  LE is used for conducting signals between the smartphone and the Car because this is Low Energy Bluetooth which will be easily operated by any smartphone.One of the main reason that Model 3 would be successful is thatit is secure and it deals with the human errors also.Like for the valet access each model has a couple of NFC cards that can also be used to open or start the car.By the first tap on the card the car will be unlocked and then the second tap on the card the car will be start.That is a good Backup option for the car users.

Tesla CEO Elan Musk revealed that the car would be one of the cheapest of its type.A car that can be used by the Average customers.According to the CEO the car would be around $35000 in price.They had also increased the production of the car because the booking of the car started and it seems that the company need more to sail because the customers demand is so high.