Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Picture leaked by Evan Blass,”A monster this time”

                                   A picture by Evan Blass 


One news that is all around the globe today that the new image of the coming monster Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is leaked by the one of the best leaker in business field Evan Blass.Not so confirmed but by the his reputation it is gossip in the world that this is the real image of the new sensation.Samsung Galaxy is going to release on 23rd August this year which is now just near so the picture that is out can be the real.

Now the question is that is this a “Geniun Leak” ? A question that everyone ask while reading this blog so i,ll tell you why this picture should be real.One of the main reason is that the leaker of this image Evan has got this picture from the Samsung’s inner source,that is may be from the marketing  department. This can be possible because like other big companies this could be a marketing technique to  create so much  hype of the Handset just before the launch.

Now coming on to the design of the Samsung that we can see from the leaked image is that it will be big around  6’3 inches infinity display this time.In the Midnight Black colour image of the smartphone suggests that the bezel would be very narrow ,like it will be nearly  bezel less. Although it is looking that this is same as the Galaxy S8+ but Note 8 would be slightly squarish.The dual camera is prominent and it have 3K optical Zoom. 3K optical zoom is “very much” if we compare that to iPhone.According to the leaks previously the  Galaxy Note 8 would be coming up with the low light performance and users can also blur the respective location in  the camera by themselves while  they will focus on to the location of their choice into the camera.So folks get  on your toes and get ready for the new sensation coming 23rd of this month.