How to run iOs Apps on Your PC

how to run iOS Apps on windows


So guys today we came up a unique idea that you don’t had experience before and everybody is so anxious about this that how can we run iOS Apps on our PC’s.Today we will tell you about the top 8 emulators that will enable  the iOS Apps to run on the Windows.You just need to install these emulators in your PC and then you can enjoy the real taste of iOS Apps on your PC’s and Laptops.Previously people had wrote the articles about the softwares that runs android apps on PC but this time its iOS Apps that you can  run on your PC’s.Just Install the Emulators given below.

Top 8 Emulators that will enable iOS Apps on your PC’s:

These are the top most Emulators of 2017 that will run iOS Apps on your PC’s.You just need to click on the Titles of the Emulators given below and you can install them from there.

1. iPadian Emulator:

how to run ios apps on pc

The overall feedback about this emulator is very positive.Having one of the highest download rating this emulator will be the best to install and enable your PC to run iOS apps.It will be a great experience because its very speedy emulator.

2. MobiOne Studio:

how to run iOS Apps on your pc

Its a Window Emulator for creating cross-platform mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.A very reliable tool to run iOS Apps on Windows. MobiOne studio is built on the popular HTML5 hybrid-native app model.Lets give it a try,yo will surely enjoy.

2. Air iPhone Emulator:

how to run ios Apps on PCThis is an Adobe AIR application that reproduces the iPhone’s GUI in your PC. What you need is the the AIR framework for this Emulator to work.It is User friendly,it is simple.You will surely enjoy this.


how to run ios app on you pcIts another very simple emulator in which you just need to sync your iOS Apps pack with this emulator and then it will be all yours.

5. SmartFace:

how to run ios apps on your pcAnother emulator which basically emulates different Apps.Its the App developing software which you just need to simply emulate your iOS Apps and then you can easily use this.It will also provide you a platform to develop your own Apps.A good software personally worked on it and I had  a very good experience.


how to run iOS Apps on your PC

A very simple user friendly emulator.Just install it and then click on to the upload your App and then the very simple interface will guide you to the paths.It works on to the Adobe AIR Framework.

7. Xamarin Testflight:

how to run iOS Apps On your PC

An Apple Owned Emulator used to test your iOS Apps.Only apps that are iOS 8.0 or above can be tested through TestFlight.probably one of the finest to deal.Try this out.

8. iPhone Stimulator:

how to run iOS Apps on PC

A real swag what you say.Why I wrote my first sentence because if yo want to create a virtual iPhone on your windows desktop then this would be the best one.Although it don’t  tests the Apps for the purpose what it is the real charm of running your iOS Apps on desktop ,it is the best.


So guys this is the list of 8 Most reliable emulators that can run your iOS Apps on the PC and you will surely enjoy the taste.It is most updated list of 2017.Enjoy the real beauty of iOS Apps on your Window PC and Laptops.