“Paytm” India’s top Digital firm to Compete WhatsApp in India,Also introducing Games

"Paytm ,WhatsApp new competitor"


India’s top most payment company Paytm worth of $8 Billion is now giving a competition WhatsApp in India.As this news came from  some source who told  TechCrunch that  the company is  now expanding their services by introducing WhatsApp messages service and also giving a try to the Game Development and launching many games into the market.

By companies reputation in India it is a bit sure that they will give a tough competition to the WhatsApp. It is about to be launched in the end of this month.It should be shocking for the WhatsApp if it really come in the end of this month.A really new stuff in te Indian market.Although Paytm had declined the news.May be this is because of some business issues but the rumor is in the market.The Paytm app will start out mimicking WhatsApp with chat app features including text, image, video and audio messaging, but it wil be more reliable , user friendly and more professional.Some people are also comparing it with the WeChat in China that has media, payments, ride-hailing, commerce details along with many other things.

Accordig to the source Paytm  has also claims that they had 230 million  registered users which is greater then the whatsapp monthly 200 million users in India which is really a big competition for WhatsApp this news is true.Paytm also going to introduce the live Gaming which is another extra feature.They are also coming up with more expansion in the chatting pluggins.