Mozilla Firefox is launching Voice search,file sharing and note taking on experimental bases

"mozilla firefox launches voice search file sharing and note taking experimentally"


It looks like that Mozilla is quite impressed from Yahoo,Google and Siri in  iPhones and other voice search functions that they now introduced voice search in their Firefox on experimental bases.They also launches file sharing and note taking.This will be a great experiment for the browser.

Firefox has now this voice search function in it which is a big achievement by them because previously Mozilla   Firefox is declining day by day and they got too much troubles from their Competents specially Google.Firefox faces all these problems and setbacks by their own mistakes because they don’t have fast search tools or plugins,they don’t have a proper data backups or the problems like that has always cost them a lot of troubles that they last many of their market shares.But now they are coming with quite a big change as their developers are testing a great amount of new stuff.By their hard work now they are coming with the experimental launch of Voice search,note taking and most importantly file sharing in which you can share files upto 1GB in size no matter what browser you use you can share your file in Mozilla Firefox its an open source.Firefox will provide you a link for that saved file and anyone can get these files if that person has that specific link which is work like same as Google Drive.The file will be removed after one day or after one download  automatically which is due to its built in encryption.

Lets hope that this will work good because Mozilla is making a great effort in its new version of Firefox that’s why they are conducting so much  experimental launches.