Live Gaming App is Available now in Samsung Galaxy App’s Store for the Samsung Handsets Supporting Android 6.0 Marshmallow or up


Hello Guys !Today news coming from the Samsung Note 8,as we all know everybody is keen to know the whats coming in this Samsung beauty ,everybody wanted to know the leaks about the Samsung features ,shape ,design.We have today something special for the Gamers. Samsung  has a new app for its Android smartphones called Game Live, which lets users live stream games to Twitch, Facebook, or YouTube, as spotted via Android Police.Samsung Live Game will let you live stream from the S8 to Facebook,Twitch(described below paragraph) or Youtube.



The amount of gamers in the world has reached 1.8 billion, with 1.2 billion gamers playing on PC,62% of gamers use a PC while 56% use a console.This show how people specially youngsters show interest in this field like every 3rd,4th person in the world is playing Games.And you people heard about the Twitch its the Website provide live streams of the Games being played online ,and also it conducts the interviews for the world biggest gamers online.


Live allows streams upto 4GB. What???,yeah it is 4GB like it would best streams in HD around 200 minutes means approximately  3 and a half hour,Says Samsung Officials.In this App you can log into the service of your choice and start the streaming.There is something new regarding Live Game streaming is that you can do live commentary on the game from the microphones and also you can save your streamed game later when you finished watching that.This App is available now on Samsung Galaxy Apps  Store and it will also work on the Samsung’s new handsets having  Android 6.0 Marshmallow or up.We have a photograph you can see below,we got it from the Samsung Source.