LG will be the sole suppliers for iPhone 9 batteries


Even thought we are still waiting for the iPhone 8 to be come into the market and everyone wants to know the leaks about the iPhone 8 but enough for 8 we have come up with a news that  LG will be the sole suppliers for iPhone 9 batteries.The report by The Korea Economic Daily claims that Apple has reached an agreement with LG Chemical for it to be the sole provider of the iPhone 9’s battery.If the report is accurate, the South Korean firm has scored a big win, since Apple usually takes a multi-vendor approach when it comes to sourcing batteries for its iPhones.

As it is looking that LG has invested a lot of money on  that to get some more in return by going with the Apple products .The Korean-language report quoted a source in the chemical industry as .“LG has invested hundred of billions of Korean won for related facilities and plans to start mass production from early next year,”

Its also coming that this time battery will be L shaped which will allow the company to increase the battery size without affecting the size of the device.This battery is changed as compared to the other Mobile Phones companies produces old Rectangular shaped batteries.Source says,”The battery that LG Chem will supply to the iPhone 9 is an “L-shape” battery, which is bent to the right at the bottom. Apple has customized it to take advantage of the space on the bottom right of the iPhone that has evolved from the development of electronic component integration technology.”