Jeff Bezos The CEO of Amazon is no more the richest man on Earth

The CEO of Amazon is no more the richest man


It is to notify all of those who are in a process of thinking Jeff Bezos as the richest man on earth just stop your thoughts because he is no more the richest man on earth.Its been the largest news on internet last night when  Jeff Bezos had surpassed the Microsoft Owner Bill Gates and become the richest man on the earth.Really an astonishing news because at the start of this year he was at no 4 but just in 7 month he became the Richest man on earth,but this all last for only 1 day Richest man for one day only but indeed a big deal.

As all are thinking that what are the reason that Jeff take off so quickly an then fall back in only one day.According to Forbes Real-Time Ranking on Thursday morning Jeff Bezos become the Richest man on Earth when the surge applied on online shopping and Amazon shares rose 1.8pc to $1,071  and that shares drops back down  0.7pc to  $1,046, at the closing.Thats the reason which caused him so much as his company also 77% fall in profit as compared to last year and which also caused the Jeff Bezes personal Networth.

Amazon has built itself to a very large level by just starting  as an  internet merchant of books and then they expanded themselves to a wide variety of products and services.Now they are the largest online shopping merchants.And the soul credit goes to the Founder ,Chairman and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos.Jeff Bezos took the charge of largest man on earth on thursday as just because of the surge in the online retailer’s shares ahead of its earnings report, before the stock fell back again.When the surge fell back the worth of Jeff Bezos fell down from $90.6 Billions to $88.5 Billions,while Bill Gates is at the top with the net worth of $90.7 billion.