iPhone 8 new Paper work image leaks that there is narrow bezel along with the front camera notch and ear piece at top

"iPhone 8 new sketch reveals that there is narrow bezel"


A full sketch leaks  of  iPhone in which they are showing the iPhone design.Actually  in this sketch they are trying to teach the user that how to insert the sim the sim or swap the sim card if needed.From the design it looks like that the sim card tool packaging will be the same as it was in the previous iPhones.

It can  be seen from the page from the packaging paper work (revealed by Apple)   that the body is looking similar but there is a change which is that there is nearly a bezel less body with only front camera notch and earpiece space on the top.Its been interesting to know that what exactly they got into their design.

A big hype is created onto the internet that what will be design of the new iPhone 8,rumors are everywhere on to the screens about the design of the Apple new beauty.This would be the most shocking and exciting for the iPhone users because we don’t usually see these type of leaks from Apple about the packaging so early before the release date of the product.If this picture about the packaging is true then it would be quite interesting to see this narrow bezel iPhone into the market.