How to Find Friends on Snapchat Without Username

Nowadays one of the most famous social network known as Snapchat,which has gained a lot of publicity in very short time. Snapchat   has many other problems if it is compared to the Facebook leading social network of the present era.Although if we see the privacy terms in this then Snapchat is preferable to use but apart from privacy it has many other problems.


Even though Instagram and Facebook are competing well with the likes of Snapchat after introducing Stories but the face filters on Snapchat still steal the show. Apart from this, the self-destructing messages and recent Snap Map feature on Snapchat make it unique. One of the basic problem is searching someone by its  username.If you don’t know the username of a person then it is surely a big problem to search for their Snapchat accounts.

For your convenience  we are here to tell you about a kickass app you can download from the Android PlayStore or iOS. As you can find many other articles regarding Snapchat but you dont had find thing like this that i,m showing you today. It will let you add or make new friends on Snapchat if you don’t know their username or don’t have them in your contacts list. So, let’s get right to it.Jusr follow the steps given below:

1.First just download the Yellow App by Twelve App.You can also download it from the following link  Android | iOS.

2.Open the App,Register yourself into the App with your phone number.Type the number and select send confirmation code which will send a conirmation code on that number.


3.Now add the code into the box shown above and tap Continue.

4. Now, provide your basic details like Name, birthdate, gender, and tap on the right arrow at the bottom right.

Yellow app basic information


5.In the next step add your picture.And tap next arrow.

How to find people on Snapchat without username


6.Now see the above in that picture the app will start searching your friends profiles.After some time a picture will come onto the screen it will be a user profile if you like and know that person and want to add that person as a person swipe right otherwise swipe left.When there is a match(two users like each other) then Snapchat username will be revealed.

Find people on Snapchat

7.see above image. This is o provide your Snapchat details in the app tap on the profile icon at the bottom right. Under your profile, tap on the Snapchat icon in Social handles and mention your Snapchat username.

Find friends on Snapchat without username

8.Now see the above photo and follow ,if you get a match then tap on the chat icon at the bottom left and select the desired friend. Under the conversation screen tap on the Snapchat icon at the top right.

9.It will take you to the Snapchat app with their username revealed and an option to add the person as a friend.

Add new friends on Snapchat

Hope you understands and will get more from this blog.Enjoy..:)