How to Download others Instagram story without notifying them

Now its very easy to download some one others story photo or video with out taking screen shots and you can download them with out notifying someone who’s story you are going to download.This is very easy which we provide you the whole procedure of downloading them step by step.We also tell you that how you can save your own story on instagram.


Before coming to saving Instagram Stories of friends or users you’re following let us quickly have a look at how to download Instagram Story.You can also share your instagram story as a post.

How to download you own story:

1. Open your Instagram Story by tapping on your Profile icon on top of feed where Stories are listed or under your Profile.

2. When Story is opened, tap on 3 dots at the bottom right.

3. Select Save Photo or Save Video from the  options.It is also shown in the picture below.

Saving Others Instagram Stories:

Now we will tell you about saving others Instagram stories just follow the steps.

1.You should open the Instagram from the web this time ,not from the Instagram App.

2.You will need Chrome browser to achieve this. Install Chrome IG Story extension. We also used this extension to view Instagram Stories on Web/PC.(This extension  can also be used to download others stories without notifying them).

3. After installing Chrome IG story extension on Chrome browser open Instagram.

4.With the help of the extension, the Instagram Stories of the people you follow will be listed on the top of your feed as in Instagram mobile app.

One thing you need to know that if the Chrome IG story extension is not working properly and the circled icon  on top of the feed disappear then this ain’t an issue just refer to this  Reddit threadUninstall the extension and reinstall it after this log out from the instagram and again log into your account to make it work ,this time surely it will work.

5. The stories which you have viewed(from the app) are circled with gray and others are radiant. To save anyone’s Instagram right click  on the Instagram story icon of the desired person and Select Download Story.

All the stories of the respective person will be downloaded in zip folder, if you want to save one selective story then open the Story by clicking on the story icon of the desired user.Right click on the photo/video you wish to download and select Save image as…Save video as… and thats it you will be able to download that selective story.

If you want to download story on Android through some App:

If you want to download the story ron your Android phone then  you can use Story Saver for Instagram app.This app can also be used to view others Instagram Story without letting them know.

Those who wants to download the story from their iPhone/iPad ,without letting people know:

iOS users can download and install InstaStory on the App Store by following iTunes .

You can always log in using your Instagram credentials in the app if required. After you log in, the stories of all the users you follow will be listed. You can easily view and save them to your smartphone.

Hope you have understand the each step of it.Enjoy and try this it will be perfect..:)