Google with MIT Scientists developed a Machine Learning Algorithm by which you retouch your photos before you take them


A good news for the photo loving people that now with the help of Machine Learning The Google and MIT research Professors have made an effort to retouch the photos before taking them.We have’nt heard about this technology before but as many other innovations now Google has  again use its developers and the MIT research faculty to develop a software that retouches the image before it will be taken.Like you can now easily adjust your image editing ,colours ,saturation etc before taking it.

Before Machine learning had been used to develop these type of imaging softwares but while testing these softwares  in the devices like handsets it become difficult to operate them due to their large sizes and its difficult to install the software  and maintain the performance of the Gadget, but this time this problem is no more a problem because this Software just take a size of just a single  Digital Image.Yes this is true and now you can enjoy by retouching  your photo before taking it.   Retouch  your image  and then take a photo.

Machine Learning is used in all this process by training    neural networks on data set of 5000 images gathered by the MIT and Adobe.Each image is then retouched by 5 photographers.This is a great development in the field of photography  like previously Snapchat and Facebook filters and also the Prisma App has got much more interest of the people.Now using Machine learning by doing neural networks techniques on the images data sets it looks like that in future we can get a lot more from these techniques.