Download Google Play Store v8.0 Apk from direct link


The Google Play Store has been updated to the latest version 8.0, with this update we have some very important new changes to the official Android app store. The most important thing in this update is the change-log which is added in the one liner update tab, at the update page as shown in the image below. The new Google Play Store is v8.0.22 and is available for all variants of Android.

In version 8.0, Google has added the ability to see the changelog for updated apps through this menu. Next to each app there’s a small icon that, when pressed, pulls down the changelog for that app within that same screen. It’s a pretty simple feature, but it’s also something that will really come in handy for some users and also rounds out the overall experience quite a bit as well.

Google Play version 8.0 is currently rolling out to all Android devices. The change appears as soon as you update the application.

You can download the updated apk from the given link below.

Google Play Store v8.0: | Apk|