Google Maps now planning, When to go and where to go!


Google maps will now tell you when to go somewhere to avoid traffic jam.Google Maps will now tell you best time to travel during the day.Google has now introduced a new feature in their App that will tell you the best time of the day to travel somewhere like this is the great step by the google.Google had always created  ease for its users now yet again they are coming with a new thing in google maps, is that the users can  see a graph on the best time to travel.Its working now in US and UK.It has bars for half an hour before, and a few hours after the current time.


“The new feature is only available for Maps users on Android, and it pops up when you input directions,” The Verge reported.

The App will give you the estimated time and distance along with that they also give you bar that shows the relative time now ,hw much time it would take to reach your destination along with the colours Green ,Yellow and  Red showing whats the condition of the traffic in the respective location.This feature is only for the Android Users yet.

The use of this feature can be very time saving and productive for the users because you can estimate your time half an hour or upto 2 hours before starting your trip ,this will tell you what will be the situation of the traffic half an hour or more from now and how much time you will take to reach your destination if you left on that specific time.This feature will also tell you the one hour before scenario that if you would had  travelled by this feature how much time could you be  able to save for you.So this App is one of the best if you wanted to be on time!