All 100+ Clash Royale Ringtones and Notification Sounds.


The Clash Royale is one of the best game for smartphones, We are here with Clash Royale Ringtones, Yes 100+ of them and that includes the Notification sounds that you would love to set on your smartphones. The list contains all type of sounds and music in the game. You can have any Arena opening sound as your ringtone, whether its the starting ones like Training camp, Goblin Stadium, Bone Pit, Barbarian Bowl, P.E.K.K.A’s Play House or even the Legendary Arena. You have the luxury to choose between any of the music available in the game as your Ringtone.

All this and much more can be found in an app named SFX Clash Royale. You can download this app on your smartphones and get your favorite music or sound as your smartphones ringtone or notification sound. Here are some of the main features of this app.

All Troop Clash Royale Sound Effects available on this app, including :
-Arena Jingle Sounds (Legendary Arena, Jungle Arena, Hog Mountain, etc)
-Emotes Sounds (King Laugh, King Cry, etc)
-Chest Sounds (Legendary Chest, Epic Chest, Supermagical Chest, Magical Chest, Giant Chest, etc)
-All Rarity Cards Sounds (Common Cards, Rare Cards, Epic Cards, Legendary Cards)
-and of course sound effects for clash royale new cards (bandit, bats, night witch, and heal spell)
Yes, it means, you get almost all sound effects on clash royale game. Amazing Right?! Now, the BEST PART is, you can set all above sound effects as ringtone to your lovely android smartphone.
So, How I can Set clash royale ringtones? It’s easy, just tap + hold your favorite sound and it will appear a popup which gives you the option to set as ringtone, set as notification sound, or set as default alarm sound. Still Confused? Just Install this app, play a bit, and a few seconds you will master it 😉

Download Clash Royale Ringtones and Notification Sounds:

To download the app you can either reach the Play store version of the app or simply download the app from the given link below.

SFX Clash Royale Apk