What are the best features of Tesla’s Model 3 Car

"Features for Tesla Model 3"


1 day ago there was a Hand Over event of Tesla Model 3 Car in which Tesla gave tries to their customers to check their new Electric Car.As the Tesla had thrown a party for their customers in which they make these first 30 drives to open for the customers.We got a lot more feedback on the Tesla new Model 3 which we will share with you that you get real about the car and apart from leaks you will get the real charm and drive of the car.What it feels like to sit in the New Model 3 ? Lets read it yourself:

Tesla this time has come up with the unique interior with a very smooth ,beautiful dashboard having a 15-inch display present at the upfront and its so attractive that when you sit into the car your first sight will surely go onto this strong and beautiful Display.Tesla has done away with the traditional instrument panel behind the steering wheel, moving everything in terms of information, climate controls and other input mechanisms to the touchscreen.The hood of the car is not so long as there is very shorter distance between the driver and the road and just looks like you are cruising on the road smoothly and you just drive a soundless vehicle.Now coming on to the acceleration by pressing the accelerator the it picks the speed will tell you the real charm of driving Tesla’s model 3 which is a Sensation in very reasonable price.And it feels like a very responsive vehicle in terms of steering, too, with a low center of gravity that results in very, very little body roll side-to-side.This time Tesla has introduced an upgraded  Glass Roof which has a reasonable height that a 6.5 feet  person can easily sit in it. Resistive Braking system is also present in the car which will definitely fed you up from the old braking systems because the way this new resistive system responses when you press the brakes you can’t even fee that their is any jerk after stopping your car after an acceleration.

In short the overall experiences says that this is the best drive and anyone who can pay $35000 must go for it because this is the car that will show you some really good driving class.