Top 8 best Antivirus Apps For Android 2017.


As we all know that nowadays the basic threat to our devices is the Malware, Spyware, Viruses and Trojans that are highly effecting our devices and systems specially the Android Smartphones are highly into this threat. So I came up some of the best Antiviruses that will help you to avoid these viruses and more threats.These are the most recent updated Security that i,ll refer you.Below is the list of them with all their features and abilities. The list of Top 8 Best Antivirus of Android 2017 contains all the apps which I have personally tried and tested on my Android smartphone. I have been using the Stock Android on a Google Nexus device. These antivirus apps helps me to remove all those bloatware come pre-installed on many cellular carrier devices.

The best antivirus Apps For Android:

The best 8 Antivirus for 2017 are given in the list below. You can download any Antivirus you want by clicking the link given in the heading.


1- Clean Master Security:

CM Secsurity is one of the best antivirus which will protect your Android phone effectively.This is production of Cheeta Mobiles having all the package of security features.It will provide you browsing protection,battery saving,privacy protections of Apps.It will first notify you about the threat and then ask you that what to do with this threat.You can do a straight forward action with the virus and that is very simple through the CM Security.This is a free App but it has one very minor draw back is its Ads but you can have them removed by just paying $0.9 dollars monthly which is not a big deal.Although the App is free.

top best antivirus for android 2- Kaspersky Internet Security:

It is a desktop App now coming to Android store and having an Antivirus features.You will also get call and text control and also anti-theft and anti-phishing features from this App.It will also provide you the complete web protection.You have to pay $14.95 annually for the premium package of the App which is not so expensive so that you can’t afford is.Its a cheap App providing you much more then its cost.Its also give you a deal that if you want to protect some more Android devices of yours ,then you can add two more devices for $5 per device annually. They will also give you the one month trial of the premium package but to use some features like anti-theft you should have to sign up to an account.

best antivirus app for android 3- Avast Antivirus and Security:

Avast is considered one of the most secure antivirus with all the security features in its package.With Avast you have to download some more softwares as well because it Guaranteed you full device security.Avast has the great features like RAM boosting ,Junk Cleaning.It also provide you a specific protection of your wifi security it will check your wifi security and will the tell you the required action to take.Is also having one of the best scanning features in it.You can rely on Avast Antivirus because it provide a Guaranteed protection.It will also have the Firewall Option but this is only enabled in rooted phones.Now coming up to the Ads .Avast shows not much ads on its App but they do promote their own made many other Apps that are required to enable many other features in the Avast Antivirus App.If you want to get rid of these Ads then you have to pay on annual and monthly bases and varies the price aaccording to your location.You can pay for a single subscription for all your devices that you wanted to protected just use a single account from where you installed that.

best antivirus app for android
4- McAfee Mobile Security:

McAfee one of the finest security App and also desktop software that will provide you an imense featured ability to protect your apps.It is giving you on demand threat protection,you can check data exposures via installing an app ,locking of the apps,backup options,Find devices mode.Its premium version is quite expensive because of its secure features but it will provide you your protection in $29.99 annually.Doubled a price then its some competitors.Having a beautiful interface though 😉

beest antivirus app for android

5- Norton Security Antivirus:

The best thing about the Norton Security desktop antivirus and mobile app is that it will block the malwares and also remove them from the device an efficient antivirus they say.It provides the now-familiar feature which will aware you about privacy risks in a simple way.Another feature it does have that none other Antivirus has that it will inform the drawbacks of installing any app before the installation.Like it will tell you about the battery drainage that an app can do,it can uses excessive data these sort of things from those this Antivirus will aware you.A userfriendly App ,easy to use.It will provide you 30 days free trial of the premium version you can use all its features but after that it will charge you $29.99 Annually (equal to the MaCafee price).

best antivirus for android

6- Lookout:

Lookout App is very efficient having only App available for the Phones not for the desktop.It will provide you the security and phone location service in its free version but if you want to install its premium version then you have to pay $2 monthly.Premium version will provide you the web protection,privacy overview of your Apps in the phone and also give you few other anti-theft features.It will also provide you the breach report feature that will tell you if your phone is hacked and will also give you option to change your credentials in a while.This app will also provide you to protect your phone from adware,bots,click frauds,remote exploits,root enabler threats,spyware etc.

best antivirus for android
7- Malwarebytes Anti-Malware:

Now come the Malware Anti-Malware which is the most simple and efficient Anti Malware.It interface is very simple and t also protect your device from all the Malwares and it is having a privacy audit feature that will scan all the Apps in your Android Phone.Now lets tell you that what this Privacy Audit feature do.It will quickly assess your potential weak spots in your security and tell you to turn off those.Fore example it will ask you to turn off the downloading Apps from third party source that usually a user know.Like these this App will provide you much more and also it is very user friendly and convenient to use.Its a free App available on the App Store.

best antivirus for android
8- AVG Antivirus:

AVG Antivirus is more then you think so far about this App.It will provide you App locking,anti-theft,task killer and app back up feature.It will also provide you the battery savings and suggest you that which app is consuming your battery more.The Power Saving option is providing you great relief in your battery saving.You can Also junk cleaning option but for that you should have to install AVG Cleaner which will later integrate with AVG antivirus.These both apps are free to download but you have to pay if you want to upgrade on premium version or you wants to remove ads.Phone locater is available in the simple version but you need an account for that.

best antivirus for android

So here we have the updated list of 8 best and most effective Antivirus Apps for android which you can download and install on any Android device for extra security features. We will make sure to update the list in coming days. Subscribe us and comment below for more info.