Atari invented a “Speaker Hat”


From the above news What it feels ,Atari invented “Speaker Hat”.Straight away the thing come to our mind that this would be a hat and speakers will be in it but then suddenly a question arises how they made this ,how it is  designed ,Are the speakers are wireless.Lets see in the Blog what type of speakers they are.Basically Speakerhat is a hat having built in speakers in it.  It’s also got a microphone and pairs over Bluetooth for phone calls and playing music.Its also rechargeable yet not confirmed that what type of port has it but most importantly its rechargeable that shows it will be reliable to use its been guaranteed.


Atari being one of the most renowned firm that made many good products into the market , usually they make games that get much fame after their release.They are working on a new game console which is coming into the market their CEO  says.But their new Speakerhat is going to be very famous and successful because its a new thing into the market like a new idea.Speaker hat users can sync with one another by sharing their music.More then one users can listen to the same music.

As the Manufacturer says that “the intent [of Speakerhat] is to continuously improve on design and engineering, until the technology is completely invisible,” Now we have to see will this be a hot product into the market or just be a normal thing for the people not normal though because its  a new invention.One thing that is not suited for this product is that a presentable person like a Businessman or some other professional adult is not going to wear a Speakerhat having microphone and Bluetooth in it.