Apple’s VPN Apps has been removed from the China’s App Store

"Apples Removed all VPN Apps from chinese iOS Appstore"


News coming from Apple that it has removed its VPN Apps from the Chinese App Store.As China has put certain bans on the social websites like Facebook,Google and ask companies to launch version of App Stores in China which is According to their Government Rules and Regulations, in other words the companies have to register their App Stores with Government   regulators.But now Apple has confirmed that they have removed all the VPN Apps from the China’s App Store.So now there will be no Apple’s VPN Apps in China .VPN in basically (Virtual Private Network) in which you create a secure from where the online data of the site  can’t be out and this the main reason that Chinese Government Authorities are not willing to do so.According to ExpressVPN Apple sent an email to them as :


Apple email


This shows  that their may be some Apps that are not Authorized in China and that’s why Apple has taken the action and removed all the Apps.Its also looking from the context of the email that their may some Apps which are promoting something that is not so good and illegal in china and forbidden their according to their territory law.Its not only the Express VPN but also Star VPN also reveled that their Apps are removed from iOS in China.They tweeted:

Although ExpressVPN said that you can still download VPN apps if you are in China  by accessing the Other Contries iOS App Store,which is now indeed the choice of many of the Chinese citizens.

If we see this thing by Chinese perspective so we can simply get the point that they are not going to allow any network in their country that is dealing with the private networks who’s data information is not present  with their cyber security departments.Through these VPN Apps  China don’t want to face any illegal activity.Apple on their behalf don’t have the right to do anything because they have to follow the rules and regulations of the country and will also follow the code of conduct to secure their overall business responsibilities.